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A concrete overlay is a type of construction that can be either practical or decorative. An overlay can fix underlying problems, or add creativity to an otherwise bland-looking appearance. From a practical standpoint, concrete overlays do many things. They correct surface deficiencies, improve skid resistance, improve surface drainage, minimize climate-related deterioration, and improve structural capacity.

From a decorative standpoint, a concrete overlay can enhance appearance, reduce surface roughness, and provide a variety of creative alternations, including artistic elements such as making the concrete appear with a geometric modern design or making the concrete resemble a cobblestoned street.

We can install a concrete overlay in a variety of places around the home, including swimming pools, patios, porches, driveways, walkways, or anywhere with concrete resurfacing. Overlays are a bit more convenient than other concrete installations because they can be installed over an existing concrete surface to produce a new, creative look. Overlays are also quite varied; they come in several different colors and textures (such as stamped, troweled, or broom finished).